Training through Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and Mission Adventures, Indigenous and other cultural exchange, local community involvement through youth focused ministry, School ministry (Primary and High School)  are practical expressions of conveying hope and being part of the change we all long to see.

The ministry work of YWAM falls into three main categories, evangelism, training and mercy ministries.

We come from many different Christian traditions and we love getting together to worship God using our different expressions. We are all committed to growing in our understanding of who Jesus is and how He wants us to love and serve the people of the world. 

We are very enthusiastic about new ideas. We are moved by people in need, and we do something about it. We believe that God wants to have a living relationship with every one of us and we want to explore that deeply. We have discovered that faith in Jesus will take you to places you never dreamed of, to do things you never imagined, in ways you would never believe. 

Join OUr team!

Now that our Australian borders are open again, consider coming to join our staff team.

If you have completed a Discipleship Training School and would like to serve in missions in the tropical north of Australia then please contact us.

Further information:  info@ywamoutback.org.au